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Contract Paper Signing

Business Transactions

When clients are involved in business deals that really matter they want to know that their lawyers understand it and can advise the pitfalls and opportunities that can flow.

Our commercial expertise and experience differentiates us as a firm of deal makers not deal breakers.

We analyse the big picture and the detail to make sure that our clients make informed decisions and that transactions can happen ahead of schedule.

Clients consult us at every stage of their business transactions from finding commercial opportunities, to negotiating transactions and even providing hands on support during transitional phases.

We have a special expertise in the purchase of large retail and commercial complexes, small and medium businesses, venture capital placements and SME mergers where swift and decisive decisions have to be made to ensure the success of our client’s transactions.

Our professionalism, reputation and network of contacts in business, the professions and government gives our clients access to the best available information and advice to make profitable business decisions.

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